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How to Download and Configure Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows
Entered on 02/04/2014 at 12:33:52 EST (GMT-0500)


To download the free supported virus software for university-owned and personal computers, refer to the University Supported Antivirus Software solution.


Install Microsoft Security Essentials


1. Remove any antivirus program from your machine and restart your computer.

2. Open up a web browser.

3. Go to the Microsoft Security Essentials Installer page on TERPware.  Click on the Microsoft Security Essentials Download link.

4. From the Select your version drop down menu, select either 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your system type.  Click Download.


5. When prompted save the download of Microsoft Security Essentials.

File Download
6. Once finished downloading press the Run button to begin the install of Microsoft Security Essentials.

Download Complete
7. Click Next.

Click Next
8. Click I accept.

Click I accept
9. Click Install.

Click Install
10. Click Finish.

Click Finish
11. When finished Microsoft Security Essentials will prompt you to update itself and run a scan of your computer. Click OK to continue. Once you do that the screen will look similar to this:

Finished Installation

Update Microsoft Security Essentials


Microsoft Security Essentials is set to automatically update itself but you can also run updates manually by doing the following:


1. Open Microsoft Security Essentials by clicking the Start button, then Programs and finally Microsoft Security Essentials.

2. Click the Update tab.

Click the Update tab

3. Click the Update button.

Click the Update button


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